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Welcome, this is your interactive bladder diary.

How to use the interactive bladder diary
  • Fill in the bladder diary for at least 4 days and nights.
  • You may fill it in consecutively or on two weekends.
  • The diary starts in the morning after the first void.
  • To measure the urine volume during the day use a measuring cup.
  • To measure the night urine volume the child should wear a diaper. Check its wet weight and subtract the dry weight from it. The difference is the nightly urine volume, with 1 gram = 1 ml.
  • After having done a protocol for at least three, better four days and nights, let the system evaluate the results. Print the evaluation in PDF form and bring it to your next visit to your doctor.

Is a registration necessary?
You can enter and evaluate your child's data without registration. The data will then not be stored, though.
If you want us to store your data you have to enter a user name and a password here.

For further information about bedwetting (in german) consult the website of the Initiative Trockene Nacht e. V.